Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Parent Facilitator Training Program - Module 1

School Family Education Parent Facilitator Training Program - Module 1

Topics: Individual & Family Life Cycle,Developmental Stages of Tweenies,How Marriage Affecting Parenting, Challenges of Teenagers, Family Wellness, Facilitating skills

Trainer: Veronia Ng

Veronica is Director of Centre for Advancement for Family Education (CAFE) and a certified Family Life Educator who is a Certified Trainer in DISC and Facet 5. Trained in group facilitation techniques and mentoring skills, she is also a Certified Associate of Emergenetics

Course Fee: $50 (heavily subsidised)

Schedule: Once a week, either morning or afternoon on any day, Monday-Saturday. Click on "Schedule" on the sidebar to see exact date and time.

Course Duration: 13 weeks. Start date: week of Sept 15, 2009

Venue: CAFE office, 60A, Pagada St (Chinatown MRT, Exit A, keep left)

Registration: Email to Siew Fay at sfayho@gmail.com

Dateline : August 5th (fill up registration form on the right-hand side bar)

Who can Join ?

Any RI parents, including those having challenges with their own children and parents who are interested to help other parents.

What do you learn ?

Parenting and facilitating skills.

What do I need to do after completing the course ?

You will need to help out in school parenting activities for 9 hours a year.

Feedback from parents who attended the course:

"I wanted to share with all of you my experience having completed this course a few years ago. It is worth considering because you will learn a lot from the trainers who are all very experienced councillors. They will share with you their experience dealing with different profiles of kids and families. There is also the shared experience of your course mates from different schools. Overall, it was interesting and I learnt a lot and made great friends.

It is a relatively long commitment but, you can miss a few sessions if your schedule really clashes – just not certain sessions – they will brief you which ones are essential to course completion. You will also be required to do a presentation at the end of the course and learn how to facilitate discussions. The course is highly subsidised."


Daughter in RI(JC)

" ....I have just completed module 1 and 2 of the course sometime in April this year (2009) .

I have indeed learnt a lot from Module 1 which gives a parent a better understanding in the family life education,negotiating skills with your children in primary and sec levels. I only wished then that someone has introduced this course to me earlier in my life then i may be able to handle my children and their problems better..haha ..that's life and i am still learning as a parent.

I strongly recommend this course for parents who can commit the time. Module 1 will be a good learning experience ,not only you learnt the tools of facilitating a group but also skills of handling your own children and husband too. There is lots of hand- on experience in module 1

All the best to you joining the class. The instructors, Veronica
Ng and her assistant Helena, are very nice people..send my regards when u go for class.

Ann Leong

Son in RI (Sec)